The Benefits Colouring for Mental Health

When you were a child, you probably enjoyed using pencils or crayons and a colouring book.  Today you can also enjoy this activity by using adult colouring pages. There are so many health benefits from colouring therapy.  Why not give it a go – even if it sounds a bit childish!!

I’ve had adults come along to my yoga classes and have presented them with some colouring. It was interesting to discover that those who really felt it was a bit childish – but decided to give it a go – came to class the following week and said that they had been shopping and popped some pencils and a mandala colouring book in their basket!

5 minute Mini Mandalas

Eliminating Your Mental Stress

Mental stress is not good for your health, and it can lead to physical problems. If you have constant stress, then you can develop high blood pressure or digestive issues. Rather than using food or alcohol to relieve your stress after a difficult day, keep an assortment of colouring pages and beautiful pens or pencils ready at home.

Relieving Your Depression

If you feel depressed, then colouring therapy can lift your mood. When you are feeling sad, you can choose brightly colored crayons and coloring pages that have a positive or happy theme. Use colours such as yellow, orange or red to stimulate the emotional centre of your brain while you made mandalas look fabulous. While colouring, concentrate on positive thoughts and say positive affirmations to yourself.

Reducing Your Anxiety Levels 

If you suffer from anxiety, then find adult colouring books that focus on mindfulness so that you can feel better. Calming colours such as shades of blue or pale pink can help you to feel calmer, and you may notice that your breathing becomes slower while your symptoms of digestive stress decline when you use an adult colouring book.

Take time for you!

Stimulating Your Own Creativity

After using adult coluring pages for a few weeks, you may notice that you are more creative. In addition to coloring with crayons, you find you want to go off and try something new. When it has been many years since you enjoyed creating any type of art, colouring can stimulate the part of your brain that is creative.

Where Can You Find Colouring Pages for Adults?

You can find colouring pages and books for adults at local or online shops. In addition, it is possible to download and print colouring pages on a computer and printer so that you can find a wide assortment of artwork themes.  If you click here you can download a free colouring page and see what you think.

I’ve designed the following colouring books so far!! More to come!! Check them out here:

Mandalas and Positive Words colouring book

Mandalas and Positive Words for Abundance and Wealth colouring book

Mandalas and Gratitude colouring book

or click here to see more.