Relax Kids classes in Basingstoke

Are you looking for support for your anxious child? Are you looking for support for your stressed child? Are you looking to support your child’s mental health and welling? If so you’ve come to the right place….Relax Kids supports mental health and wellbeing in children and teens. Relax Kids creates calm confident kids.  And if you’re based in Basingstoke and you work in a school, preschool/nursery then read on. If you’re a parent, the following… Continue reading Relax Kids classes in Basingstoke

Anxiety in Children

Tricky times at the moment and not just for children, but for adults as well. There are things that we can do to help our anxiety, help with our worry and I wanted to write a quick blog post to give you some ideas of things that you can do. Lots of children are struggling with anxiety. Practice your breathing. Focusing on your breathing for several minutes per day can make a different. There are… Continue reading Anxiety in Children