Mindful Colouring

Benefits of Mindful Colouring  As a child you may have loved using pencils and a colouring book but maybe you’ve not picked one up since.  Today there are lots of adult colouring books around and they are great for introducing relaxation into your day!  I love them so much that I started designing them. You can see a selection here. I’ve designed some general ones as well as ones that focus on positive affirmations for health and… Continue reading Mindful Colouring

The Benefits Colouring for Mental Health

When you were a child, you probably enjoyed using pencils or crayons and a colouring book.  Today you can also enjoy this activity by using adult colouring pages. There are so many health benefits from colouring therapy.  Why not give it a go – even if it sounds a bit childish!! I’ve had adults come along to my yoga classes and have presented them with some colouring. It was interesting to discover that those who really… Continue reading The Benefits Colouring for Mental Health