Something totally not linked to my usual business

But I wanted to write about it anyway. And short of setting up a new blog page (which I may well do) I am hosting it here for now.

This is all about something new that I have started. Something that may well go pear shaped at some point! But it’s something I’m willing to see where it takes me.

Bitcoin is what I’m up to at the moment! It’s incredibly high risk. I’ve invested money that I’ve either squirrelled way or won on premium bonds (we’re talking £25 here!). So money that I am not relying on to pay the bills or for anything else. Money that I could equally have spent on scratch cards or the lottery.

I’m usually a cautious person and high risk things do not interest me in the slightest. In fact I’ve been burnt by this before. Again with money I had squirrelled away (think 2ps and 1ps in a jar).

So why would I want to get burnt again? That poses an interesting question for sure. But in for a penny and all that.

So to be totally up front with this I initially invested around $30. Yes just $30. All went well and I got that money back. I then reinvested, withdrew, reinvested, withdrew and so on. The cycle continued until I wasn’t able to withdraw my money so it’s essentially ‘stuck’.

Then for some reason I went into the account around a year later and noticed something new. Something that didn’t look quite so attractive as the initial system that caught my eye. I had a quick read and decided to invest another $20. Ok, so some may say I’m totally mad but my thinking is that we are no poorer as a result. And I’m willing to test it out to see where I go with it.

I started back in October with my $20 and to date that $20 is now $200. I have successfully withdrawn £33 into my account. With another $18 on it’s way (hopefully!) I’m just taking it day by day to be honest and anything else I withdraw will be a bonus. My dream is to be withdrawing around $25-$35 per day 5 days a week. And the intention is to leave the weekend pot in the system. Essentially the investment is in NFTs and we get 5% per day (2.5% on Saturday and Sunday).

You can check it out here and as I said before I 1000% recommend you do not invest money that you couldn’t afford to burn!! It’s a slow process building up the money. However, I’m not going to get greedy. I’m going to take it day by day. And if it all goes pear shaped then so be it. At least I’ve got my initial outlay back so all is good!)

If you decide to investigate this further and sign up under my affiliate link then let me know.