Affiliate work…..something worth a read if you run your own business and often can’t think what to post!

In the past I’ve been happy to promote bits and pieces on behalf of others. And sometimes (not always) I get a referral fee for doing so. I only promote things that I really think are awesome and I recently did some affiliate work for Veronica Pullen’s mini workshop which was great to be part of and having worked with Veronica over the last few months I know her training is just awesome and have learnt so much from her which I’ve been able to implement into my business. I still have lots of learn, sessions to go back over to perfect my copy but I see it as a journey.

Today I have something else to share…..I only came across it in the last week or so but it’s totally changed my social media posts. I now have a wealth of content which will last me for months (well years probably). It now means I don’t have to even think about what to post which is why I’ve been inconsistent over the last few years with posting content. I’m able to re-brand, change colour, tweak the quotes or just use the template and make it mine. If you struggle with content for social media then this is deffo worth checking out. I will get a recommendation fee if you decide to buy but the price doesn’t change for you. Have a peek and see what you think. I won’t tell you how much I spent! But I figure the time saved now is going to be well worth the investment. There really is something for everyone! Check it out here.