Books, glorious books …

In the first lockdown I was fortunate enough to have some time and some headspace to write a book. It’s always been a dream to have my name in print, but not something I really thought I’d ever do. And then covid appeared from nowhere and caused the world to stop!

So, in March 2020 in the first lockdown the trials and tribulations of home learning (or not as the case was!) I decided to have a think about what I wanted to do. It was at this point Yasmine Yogi and Phoebe Bee came alive!

Yasmine Yogi and Phoebe Bee

Bringing together my passion for working with children teaching strategies to support mental health and wellbeing my book dives into gentle yoga, mindfulnesss exercises, breathing exercises and relaxation. A book that supports children through these tricky times. And also supports parents to support their children through these tricky times. A book to support teaching staff to support the children they look after through these tricky times. And beyond.

After self publishing my first book I then got a bit of an addiction to designing and publishing notebooks. I then went on to self publish journals, planners, colouring books and more!! It’s been great fun doing this as I’m steadily building up a small semi-passive income. Semi passive as once they are published on Amazon, it’s a huge market so I still have to do some work myself, but that’s more around getting visible with my books.

After self publishing over 100 books I had a little push to start teaching others to do the same. So here I am now offering a power hour to talk people through the process of publishing their own notebook! I’ve worked with a fair few people now which is awesome. All the info is out there for the taking but I’ve basically taken away all that searching to come up with an hour long session which takes you through the process and also highlights several key areas that people may well not realise! Do get in touch if this is something you’re interested in finding out more about.