Why would you want to relax/meditate?

Have you always want to try a relaxation/meditation class but not sure where to start?

Perhaps you would like to arrange something for your staff to support their mental health and wellbeing?

Would you like to feel calmer and more relaxed?

Would you like to be able to de-stress at the end of a busy day?

Do you find it a struggle to commit time for yourself?

What are the benefits of a relaxation practice?

There are so many benefits to a regular meditation / relaxation practice. I’ve listed 6 below:

***It can help reduce anxiety

***It can help improve memory and focus

***You may find it helps reduce stress

***helps improve sleep

***It supports our mental health and emotional wellbeing

***It’s accessible to all

Here is the chance for you to get away from it all without actually going anywhere……by practising relaxation/mediation on a regular basis.

Relaxation/Meditation can help us calm that chatter in our minds. It helps us feel peaceful and relaxed. It supports us to deal with the day to day challenges that we all face.

Learn some tools and techniques that you can use in your day to support your mental health and wellbeing.


Are the sessions suitable for me?

My sessions are suitable for teens/adults and this could well be something you do with your teen to support them through their challenges.

Each session is for around 30 minutes. And we begin with a mindful moment, this is followed by a grounding exercise and then around 10 minutes where we focus on our breathing and this leads nicely into the relaxation/ meditation. The bonus of signing up with me is that you get to repeat the mediation as much as you wish over the 6 weeks, you don’t have to leave your house to access the sessions and you don’t have to worry if you’re running late. And then throughout the week we will have a mindfulness tip for a Tuesday, wellbeing Wednesday, positive card for Thursday and more. All contributing to you supporting your relaxation journey.

I’ve been running my online sessions for almost 3 years and love that most of those in my group have been with me since the beginning.

Where do the sessions take place?

My sessions are run in a private Facebook group .

How much and how do I book up?

The cost for the 6 weeks is £24. Book your place here.

Meditation Box contents
Meditation Gift Box

Maybe a group session isn’t for you. If that’s the case then check out my Meditation Gift Box which has lots of goodies to support your meditation journey as well as download MP3s that you can save to your phone to use as and when. Check that out here.

Alternatively check out a couple of packages that I offer – you can purchase 10 download MP3s which you can save to your phone and access whenever you wish. Click here to find out more.

Or check out the ‘My Mindful Moments‘ download pack with mindful colouring, breathing exercises and 30 days of gratitude.

Please do get in touch if you are interested in offering this to your staff as I can offer this as a package for all staff to access. Email me here with Relaxation on a Monday as the heading.