Mindful Colouring

Benefits of Mindful Colouring 

As a child you may have loved using pencils and a colouring book but maybe you’ve not picked one up since.  Today there are lots of adult colouring books around and they are great for introducing relaxation into your day!  I love them so much that I started designing them. You can see a selection here. I’ve designed some general ones as well as ones that focus on positive affirmations for health and well, one for gratitude, one for self love etc. Mindful colouring is amazing for reducing anxiety and for helping with stress.

Can help reduce stress

After a busy day why not focus your mind on some mindful colouring as a form of relaxation/meditation.  Grab a mandala colouring book and colour away!  Whether you spend 5 minutes and just colour part of a mandala or spend longer and finish it off, you’ll soon start to notice the benefits. Pop some relaxation music on in the background and immerse yourself! I’ve designed a couple of colouring books that have smaller mandalas in (such as this one) so that you can just spend 5 or 10 minutes at a time and finish one, as some mandalas are quite complete and can take hours!

Can help reduce anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety, then grab a mindful mandala colouring book to bring some relaxation to your day. Notice your breathing becomes slower while you de-stress when colouring. So the next time you are suffering anxiety, feeling stressed or overwhelmed then pick up a mindful colouring book and colour away.

Mindful Colouring

A great family activity

Why not colour as a family.  Get your kids doing this from a young age so that it’s their normal!  Then as they grow up, they’ll be more likely to use mindful colouring as a stress reliever, particularly if they’ve seen us do it too! 

Lots of adults I’ve worked with have been a bit unsure about picking up the pencils and colouring but once they’ve tried, they’ve often gone out and bought their own books and pencils/gel pens!

There are lots of benefits to mindful colouring.  Why not give it a go today and see what you think.    I’ve actually published some mindful colouring books myself!  Check them out here. Something for everyone.