Making extra money online (instead of scrolling on Facebook!)

So I’ve been spending time this last month doing online surveys. And making a few extra £s in my scrolling time or when I’m having a cuppa!

Have I got rich quick? No

Does it take lots of effort? Kind of – but you’ve got to be in it to win it as it were. I tend to do surveys when I have a few minutes here and a few minutes there.

Is it easy? Yep, super easy. Just sign up using the links below, pop some info in and away you go!

Does it get a bit frustrating? Yep! From time to time, and more so if you’ve answered quite few questions and spent a fair amount of time on the survey and then they decide you’re not a fit – that’s annoying, but to be fair I’ve complained about a few kicking me out last minute and have had one or two surveys paid!

Do I need to have a PayPal account? You don’t have to but it’s easier if you do. If you don’t have PayPal you can opt to have gift cards but I’ve not explored the minimum payout for gift cards or the time it takes to get them.

So far I have 3 that I am happy with. I’m reviewing more, but want to spend some more time doing them before I share. This blog essentially saves you checking them out yourself and you can pretty much join and start earning straight a way.

The three I have signed up for have a relatively quick payout. The first you need to earn £3 before you can withdraw and it’s pretty instant into your PayPal account (there are other options for payout but I’ve used PayPal). The second you have to have earn 500 points (£4) before you can withdraw and then it depends on the level you’re at whether you get paid in 3-5 days or whether it’s immediate (it doesn’t take too long to do enough surveys to qualify for immediate payout though). The third you can withdraw at any point.

The links are affiliate links. This doesn’t impact on your earnings though. Just means I get a small fee for recommending and you definitely get some points from AttaPoll and not sure whether the others offer some free points to get you started or not. But signing up to my affiliate link gives me a few pence for the time I’m spending doing this research!


Branded Surveys


And in the spirit of transparency here’s what I’ve earned (and have in my bank account since I started on 29 September)

Attapoll £50.17 (I’ve taken out my affiliate earnings so you can get an idea of how easy it is to build it up)

Branded Surveys £39.76

Qmee £4.96 (I started researching this one after the others so haven’t been doing so long, but I love that they will pay out as soon as you request it)


Not bad for using the time I’d usually be scrolling on social media!! Or when I have a few spare minutes (including supermarket queues!)

So if I continue with this through November and December I could potentially have a little pot worth around £250-£300 extra to spend. *

*As it’s extra earnings you may need to look into self assessment tax return if you earn a certain amount!!