And another online survey passes the making money online test!

So if you’ve been reading my blogs lately you’ll know that I’ve been looking at new ways to make money online and earn some extra income without having to leave the house!! Online surveys are proving to be a bit of a winner for me. I’m not earning huge amounts, but then I’m not spending huge amounts of time on them. I’ve discovered around 5 online survey websites that I’ve tested and another one has passed my test!

My main criteria for the surveys I’m checking out are (1) you don’t have to spend a single penny to further your balance. Some websites offer you £7 if you spend £2 on an external website and do 200 spins – I’m sure there are other T&C linked but I’ve never gone any further with these as I don’t want to recommend anything that people have to spend money on. (2) that you don’t have to have a huge balance before you can withdraw your money; and (3) that it’s easy and quick to get paid!

On point (3) some surveys do seem to take a little longer for your first payout but generally future payouts are quicker.

So, the next one I’m recommending is Eureka Surveys and if you sign up using my referral link you’ll get 80p added to your balance after you’ve done the first survey I think it is. Once your balance is £4 you can withdraw it! When you sign up it would be massively appreciated if you would add H2YIIC to the referral code part of the website (it should then show my email address) as I can earn a few extra pennies (at no cost to you) for spending my time checking out the surveys! And then you can do exactly the same by sharing your referral code! Win win!

As I’ve said before it’s not a get rich quick scheme. In fact it’s not a get rich quick anything! But it will give you a few extra £s in your pocket to pay for a treat or 2!! As at 1 November (after almost 5 weeks of doing surveys I’ve netted approx £130 – of course I’ll be adding this to my income on my next self assessment so that will reduce a little but in the words of Tesco, every little helps!)