Kazaar…..sounds like Bazaar

Well it all started with a late night scroll on Facebook! I happened to see a post from the fabulous Claire Mitchell of The Girls Mean Business where she was sharing a post from her designer, Katherine Reynolds of The Business Beautician. The post was advertising a course ‘how to build an online shop’. It’s always been a dream of mine to have an online shop but I saved the post and shared it (via an email to myself). Then went to sleep!! I must admit I was tossing and turning pretty much all night, thinking about what I could sell in my online shop!!

On Saturday morning I woke (after a very broken night sleep) with a few (hundred) ideas. I signed up for the course, started watching it and then stopped. I really couldn’t progress without a business name.

I kind of knew what I wanted to do with the shop but I felt like a bit of a jack of all trades. I knew I wanted to sell some printables that I am in the process of designing. Perhaps teach a course or two. Perhaps sell some of the fabulous crystals that I have. Perhaps sell some other bits and pieces too. Perhaps make some crafty things to sell. Perhaps sell distance Reiki. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. As always in my often muddled mind so much. to think about but no real structure.

At that point I did what I often do in those moments when I need a sounding board – messaged my friend Zoe. Zoe is very creative and far enough removed from what I do but with a good understanding of what I’m like and she came back with a suggestion or two. She felt that my diverse offering sounded a bit like a bazaar – mystical, lots going on, busy. I feel a bit like that too! And the word she suggested was, yes, you got it ….. Kazaar. (Kath – that’s me!) and bazaar because I’m intending to sell all sorted!! So, that’s how Kazaar was born!! Thanks Zoe – Prosecco will be winging it’s way to you soon!!