Smart / Weighted Hula Hoop

This is the hoop I have. Thought it was easier to pop it here so that I can update the link if I find the hoop with a different retailer a bit cheaper! So as it stands this is the cheapest I can find direct and if you use my link you get a 10% discount and free postage (as at end November). This may well change. The price currently comes in at £22.50 with the discount for a K-mart hoop (just make sure at check out the code KAZAAR10 is in the discount code box, and if not pop it in there. There are also K-mart hoops on Amazon – check here. I do pop on to Amazon to check the price regularly (it’s £35.99 at the moment but I suggest you do the same too.

There are loads of others out there and I chose this because of the reviews and price. I paid £34.99 when I purchased from Amazon but if you buy through the supplier with my discount it’s £22.50.

Click here to order (don’t forget to check the discount code KAZAAR10 is already there and if not add it in.

I’ve had the hoop for 5 months now and it’s great. Be mindful when putting it on that you hear the click as you secure the hoop in place as I’ve had a a few occasions when the weight has flown across the room!

I also have these wireless earbuds which are great and a bargain!! The rose gold ones are the cheapest at the moment. Check them out here.

And if you want to grab yourself a notebook then check this out!! Somewhere to keep all of your hoopy notes! One that I designed!

And for transparency these are affiliate links which means I earn a small commission for recommending this hoop.

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