My Hoopy Journey

So, I started this hooping malarky on 10 July when my hoop turned up.

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I also have a hoopy group over on Facebook which you are welcome to join. Click on the link to pop over.

I wanted to record progress in case it inspires others to start their hooping journey too. I also wanted to answer a few of the questions that I often get asked and thought it was easier to pop it in one blog that I will keep updated.

Does it work

This is a common question, and a great question as if you’re anything like me you’ll have quite a few pieces of fitness equipment that you’ve bought over the years that are now perhaps buried at the back of the under-stairs cupboard or up in the loft! And of course why would you want to waste any money if it’s not going to work.

This is not a magic fix! It will take time and effort on your part for it to work. To date I’ve reduced the hoop size by 2 links and I don’t think it will be too long before another gets put to one side (and I say to one side because my awesome group are sending spare links out to those who need extra links! How cool is that!). Ok so to be totally honest I reduced the first link quite quickly because the hoop kept moving as I hooped with it and losing that link made it a bit tighter which made it easier for me to move the weight. But I’ll take that as a positive! UPDATED 28 OCTOBER 22 – I’ve lost another link (so 3 links in total which has equated to around 3 inches) plus around 7lbs in total since I started. I could definitely be doing better with my eating and that’s my focus for November!

One thing I find is that I get quite bored with exercise quite quickly. I’ve had gym memberships and not gone to the gym. I’ve paid for apps which I’ve not used. I’ve signed up for programmes, all with good intentions, but I just haven’t been consistent. I used to go to a regular yoga class, every single Monday. But that was because I was the teacher! With the hoop, however, I’m loving it. I’m getting up earlier to hoop before anyone else gets up. I put my music on full blast and feel like I’m having a party in my conservatory!! If nothing else it starts my day off in a super positive way as my playlists are full of high vibe music. I hoop for about 40 minutes each day and I use weights as well to burn off a few more calories!

How much weight have you lost so far?

This is another common question. So to date (3 September) I’ve lost around 5lbs. I’ve also lost around 2 inches. I was being mindful about what I was eating pre holiday! And then we went on holiday! We went to the Isle of Wight for a week and we stayed in a hotel. We had breakfast at the hotel every morning and then ate out for lunch and dinner (most days a light meal and a main meal, some days two full on meals!!) UPDATE 28 OCTOBER 2022 – lost around 7lbs in total and about 3 inches now and it’s stayed off!! happy days!

So to be totally honest I was a bit worried that I would be piling on the pounds as I usually do when I’m on holidays. Fish and chips, ice cream, meals out …. you get the picture! However, I’m pleased to say that for the first time ever I maintained my weight (including the 1lb I lost!!). I didn’t put on any weight on my holiday!! And I put that down to exercising daily with my hoop!! I should also mention that I never exercise on holiday either! So for me to do this is a game changer!

Now I’m back from hols I’ll be a bit more mindful about what I’m eating and will continue to update this blog or I may even write another!

After the week on the Isle of Wight we visited friends in Somerset, family in Dorset and Wales, friends in Lancashire and then back to family in Wales. So again not being at home we ate food that our awesome hosts prepared for us. I continued to hoop. I continued to maintain the weight-loss.

For September I’m adding in 10,000 extra steps per day (on top of my hooping movement – I don’t have a hula hoop option on my watch so it’s counting steps, so I’m just adding 10k to that!

I’m definitely toning up. I’m definitely feeling less sluggish. I definitely have more energy. And as soon as my girls are back in school I’m sorting my food out.

One thing I’ll also be doing sometime soon is challenging myself by walking from Lulworth Cove to Durdle Door again as that made me realise how bloody unfit I am and will be a good indication of how I’m progressing.