It’s all about the breath!

Check out my breathing meditations.

Each exercise is around 3 minutes long in total. So super easy to fit in during your day at any time. Whether it’s before you leave house in the morning, maybe when you’re having a coffee at work, or perhaps in your lunchtime or when you get home.

Files can be downloaded individually on checkout.

10 tracks in total
Each track is around 3 minutes

While intended for adults you can of course share these exercises with your children but always being mindful that we need to be comfortable when we are doing these exercises and if anything doesn’t feel right then coming back to the usual breathing at all times, and then maybe revisiting at another time. It’s really important to know that when we are counting our breath we always do so at a pace that we feel comfortable. We are not counting seconds as such, but just counting in our mind. As we get used to the exercises we might find ourselves naturally slowing down the counting and therefore slowing our breathing down.

dandelion clock
focus on the breath

Take some time for you.

Focused breathing has many benefits including:

**can help to reduce stress levels
**helps to lower heart rate
**may help lower blood pressure
**will help with anxiety
**also helps us become more patient

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