5 benefits of a regular meditation practice

Meditation is something that everyone can do. Everyone can benefit from it and you don’t need any special equipment to begin. If you’ve never practised meditation before then you may want to just find something that is a few minutes long and build up gradually. I often find myself spending 2-3 minutes on those days that I’m super busy just to tune in with myself and on the days I have more time I might find a longer meditation practice. Check out my download breathing mediations if you are looking for a shorter practice and my second pack of meditations if you are looking for longer meditations (up to around 10-13 minutes). Meditation is great for anxiety and stress. This blog is perfect for beginners.

So, to work through 5 different benefits of a regular practice we start with stress. Busy lives, constantly on the go, under pressure, overwhelmed, generally run down. Meditation really can help with reduce stress if you practice it on a regular basis. Stress is one of the main reasons that people try meditation. Give it a go and see how you get on.

Seated meditation

Now moving on to anxiety. Anxiety is often linked to stress. Meditation can reduce stress levels which then helps lower anxiety. Are you currently feeling anxious? Do you find yourself breathing quickly, generally feeling out of sorts? Then give this free breathing meditation a go and see how you feel. Just focusing on the breath is one way to help with anxiety. Spending a few moments just checking in with yourself, noticing the flow of the breath and getting that control back.

Next focus and concentration. A regular practice can help our focus and concentration. I know that I for one have experienced this. How much better I am now at concentrating and focusing when I need to. In my meditation box you will have access to a mindful observation as well as a candle that you might use for this exercise.

Candle meditation to support focus and concentration.

Now on to sleep. I know how I feel if I don’t get enough sleep! Do you struggle to sleep? Either dropping off at night time, or waking in the night and struggling to fall asleep again? Meditation is great to help us drop off or to get us back to sleep again. There is a sleep meditation in my meditation box so check that out (the meditations in the box are also available separately so you can just buy those here.

And finally it’s accessible anywhere. Do it at home. We can do it in our lunch hour. Sitting in the park. While we are out for a walk. While sitting in the sun on holiday. Just don’t try while driving! The beauty of the downloads I’ve mentioned above is that you can download them to your device and have them on hand wherever you are. Alternatively I run a Meditation on a Monday as a 6 week block which is hosted in a private Facebook group (if you don’t use Facebook feel free to message me here to find an alternative.

There are many other benefits including can help decrease blood pressure, can help control pain, may help with addiction, can generate kindness and so much more.

And if you find you need to be doing something rather than just listening then check out my mindful colouring books. Grab a free download here or check out my mandala colouring books in my shop by clicking here.